Wheelchair, rollator, walking aid and Wheellator – a beloved child has many names

A wheelchair is a chair with wheels, used when walking is difficult or impossible due to injury, illness or disability.

An innovation that connected a bike and a chair in one vehicle saw the light of day 6,000 years ago. During the 18th century the comfort and usability of the wheelchair was improved as it got its adjustable footrest and downward tilting backrest. Over time, wooden wheelchairs were replaced with metal and towed rims were developed.

The rollator is a much newer innovation from the 1970's. Before the rollator entered the market, people who needed support for walking used walking sticks and crutches. However, they appeared to be a strain on the shoulders and therefore resulted in pain for many users. On this basis, the idea of a rollator, a wheel-driven mobility aid, appeared.

Over the years, awareness of the importance of physical activity and mobility has increased and today exercise is known to be one of the most effective ways of maintaining a good health and a functional ability.
In proper doses, exercise have a positive effect on a lot of ailments and, therefore, it is important that disabled people also have the opportunity for a diverse exercise. From these starting points came the idea of a multipurpose rollator – a mobility aid that combines the best sides of the wheelchair and the rollator.

Wheellator – a combination of a wheelchair and a rollator

The Wheellator, a rollator wheelchair combo, is a Finnish, design protected innovation from 2015. These rollator wheelchair combos are manufactured in a factory based in Rauma. The product has, in a short time, gained a lot of popularity in Finland as well outside the national borders. Rollator walker wheelchair combination is exported to the Nordic countries and many other countries around the world.

The Wheellator combines two mobility aids: a wheelchair and a rollator. This rollator walker wheelchair combination facilitates life for people with walking problems – and gives them an opportunity to do much more than if they just had either a rollator or a wheelchair.

It can be used for walking aid, as a normal rollator, but it is easily transformed into a wheelchair by turning the handles and the footrests. Convenient, right? In that way, you don’t have to choose at home which aid you need for the trip – just bring both in one item!

Enjoy outdoor activities and stay active

Who says no to fresh air, sunlight and outdoor activities? Especially when it is made easy and safe for everyone – including people with reduced mobility.

Due to its versatility, this rollator wheelchair combo provides a great opportunity to vary the load on the body. If you only use a wheelchair, the same parts of your body will be loaded all the time, while the rest of the body won’t be maintained or improved. It is of course the same if you only use a rollator, just different parts of your body. Therefore, it is recommendable to use the Wheellator and benefit from the diversity in having two walking aids in one product. In that way, you can switch between the rollator and the wheelchair and thereby assure that your whole body is active and maintained.

The Wheellator is intended for longer trips and off road activities. Wheellator can be that’s why easily be called lightweight folding wheelchairs for travelling and a perfect wheelchair off road model. If you run out of energy in the middle of a walk, the rollator can be turned into a wheelchair so you can rest your legs for a while. The rollator is also equipped with a sitting chair offering a possibility to have a rest before you continue your adventure. Wheelchair walker rollator is both a handy wheelchair and a roller for outdoor use.

So, if you are dreaming of a wheelchair and/or a rollator for outdoor use, check out the Wheellator – the perfect rollator wheelchair combo. In the video you can see how easy it is to use and adjust.

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